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Anping, known as "China wire mesh town," China wire mesh weave city "," wire mesh production base in China "," Chinese wire mesh export base "and" national foreign trade to upgrade the professional demonstration base ", has 500 years of history in the production of barbed wire. there are more than 17,000 companies and 140,000 people involved in production enterprises in Anping wire mesh products are divided into six series, more than 400 varieties, 6000 specifications. they are widely used in industry , agriculture and science, sold 600 Chinese cities and exported to over 200 countries and territories. output and more than 80 percent of Chinese exports of goods accounted for by the State Planning Commission approved, Anping Wire Mesh World is the only wire mesh products wholesale market area of 400,000 square meters in the world, 160,000 square meters, construction area of 1,000 shopkeepers. its annual turnover reached 550 million yuan (about usd902 million). it has become the world's largest wire mesh products distribution center to the present.

Sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hebei Provincial People's Government, China Light Industry Association, China CCCMC Exporters (CCCMC China), China National Hardware Association and the China Trade Promotion Committee sponsored Hebei, Hebei Department of Commerce, Hengshui City People's Government, Anping County People's Government, China Anping international Wire Mesh Fair is the world's only mesh products exhibition support from the Ministry of Commerce. With its strong industrial base, product variety show and a lot of domestic and foreign exhibitors and traders, the 13th has been successfully held since 2001 and is the network's most important equity trading platform and related products in the world.

In recent years, Anping established the goal of building a modern industrial system, the development of one hundred billion industry cluster screen. It has a long-term planning and construction of 22.2 square kilometers, 10 square kilometers of wire mesh industrial park, more than 60 companies will be hundreds of million. It was recognized as a provincial industrial parks and provincial industrial park is the provincial government.

In order to meet the objective requirements of the global industrial structure echelon transfer, to further promote the prosperity and development of international screen industry, we invite companies to participate in the relevant screen or visit the Expo.