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Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province of membership, located in Hengshui, Baoding, Shijiazhuang City, at the junction, administer 3 towns and 5 townships, 230 administrative villages, population 330,000, the county's total area of 505 square kilometers. Anping County home since the Han emperor, so far, more than 2,200 years of history, because of "government and the people live in peace and flat" and the name. Anping is the old revolutionary base areas, the Chinese Communist Party was born in 1923, Taiwan City Special Branch is the first rural branch, established in 1924, the CPC Hebei Anping county was the first county; 1938 Jizhong District Party Committee, Administrative Office Jizhong , Hebei military zones created here, Jizhong Anping become the birthplace of the anti-Japanese base areas, the 1950's Nanwangzhuang three old poor peasant cooperatives run by Chairman Mao as "the 500 million peasants in the direction." Anping profound culture of the Tang Dynasty poet's coming back, "Moment of truth" has been widely read poetry, contemporary literary master Sun Li Anping nationality and founded the "Lotus Lake School" in Chinese and foreign literary reputation, the Eastern Han Dynasty tomb murals and colored temple Shenggu ruins were listed as national and provincial cultural relics protection units.

In recent years, the county lifted "great care and development, promote wholeheartedly years" the main theme, efforts to promote "industrial and construction projects, urbanization, new rural construction, party building," the four main battlefield in order to foster the formation of screen industry dominant pattern for the industry, pigs, auto and other industries competing for the development of the county economy has maintained a rapid and healthy development momentum. Anping has been named as "China wire mesh town", "China wire mesh industry base", "Chinese wire mesh production and sales base," "National pig out large county", "national food production advanced county", "National Science and Technology Work advanced county ", the country's first" national demonstration counties county economic information ", the province's first" pilot counties to expand their power, "" characteristic economy demonstration counties "," characteristic light industrial county, "" screen export base in the county "and" industrialization of agriculture demonstration counties, "county comprehensive strength in the forefront of the city, upstream of the province. In 2011, the county's GDP of 8.19 billion yuan, 550 million yuan of fiscal revenue, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 14,860 yuan, rural per capita net income of 7060 yuan, an increase of 13%, 24.2%, 13.3% and 25%.

Anping wire mesh has a long history, a long history, originated in the Ming Hongzhi reign (AD 1488), so far, 500 years of history, is the dominant industry Anping feature is Anping's pillar industries. After years of development, Anping wire mesh industry play a huge vigor and vitality, screen shape characteristics of industrial clusters, is listed as one of the province's 32 industry gathering area. Mainly in three aspects:

First, the overall size has grown. Screen production has all villages throughout the county, and has been extended to more than a dozen cities and counties around the entire screen industry and trade enterprises more than 10,000 stalls, employing over 14 million people, the annual consumption of wire, sheet more than 500 million tons. Products have been developed to 6 series, more than 400 varieties, more than 6000 kinds of specifications, widely used in industrial and agricultural production, living and aviation, aerospace, defense and other sophisticated fields. In 2011, the county wire mesh industry output value of nearly 20 billion yuan, an increase of 24%; exports to achieve $ 480 million, the acquisition of foreign trade value reached 1.2 billion yuan. Whether it is production, sales or export volume accounted for 80% of the country. Screen industry has three highlights: First, the international professional exhibition screen. Anping wire mesh, China International Fair since 2001 has been successfully held the first, previous fairs have achieved good results. In particular, to achieve a fair eleventh screen will come out of running, the opening ceremony, project release, the signing ceremony held in Hengshui, products in Anping, Cheng Siwei, chairman and invited to attend the opening ceremony and seminars, and achieved fruitful results. The exhibition over 10,000 participating merchants, including foreign nearly 500 people, involving more than 40 countries and regions; total foreign Available 50 key investment projects with a total investment of 26.279 billion yuan, 9.504 billion yuan to be introduced; contracted projects 6, The total investment of 3.093 billion yuan, 112 million US dollars of contracted foreign capital, the introduction of domestic capital 510 million yuan; sales reached more than 2800 copies of intent, worth more than 30 billion yuan. International Wire Mesh Fair Anping has become an important platform for opening up and international trade exchanges. Second, the national screen professional market. Anping Wire Mesh World construction started in 1996, with a total investment of over 200 million yuan, construction area of 160,000 square meters. Currently, the market has settled more than 1,000 businesses, and has developed into a trading, cargo operations, bank settlement, release of information, quality testing as one of China's largest wire mesh products distribution center. 2011 market transactions exceeded 5.5 billion yuan, is one of the professional market and Hebei hundred ten markets. Third Screen provincial industrial parks and industrial zone. To maximize the screen industry cluster effect, we vigorously implement the "park breakthrough" strategy, according to "large-scale, big frame, big market, big logistics," the idea to start the construction of Anping Industrial Park East, planned area of 20 square kilometers, starting area of seven square kilometers, was identified as the provincial government and the provincial industrial park industrial zone. At present, the industrial park opened seven vertical and four horizontal road network framework, infrastructure is being actively promoted, basically a "seven-level", 35 high tech, big investment intensity million over the project has been settled. Especially investment of 5.2 billion yuan together into an international logistics park project completed, the annual cargo throughput of up to 36 million tons, will be the largest modern logistics center in central Hebei, the provincial government has been identified as one of 16 provincial logistics park. Construction of the park, marking the transformation and upgrading of Anping industry has leapt to a new level, producing interactive integration of the city initially formed.

Second, and improve competitiveness. First, continue to highlight the advantages of clustering. In accordance with standard industry cluster division stage, screen industry cluster in the county of rapid development, has a strong industrial supporting capacity, information dissemination speed, high resource utilization efficiency, low cost of business operations. While individual products, the largest production and distribution business is not Anping, but the whole industry, the size and scope of the advantages of the more prominent advantages, overall competitive advantage is unmatched elsewhere, weaving net domestic sales accounted for 80 % the above. Second, the technology ladder. Through the introduction of independent research and development, industry mechanization level reached more than 99%, the level of information to reach about 30%, 50% of the equipment has reached domestic leading level; tightly restrict the key issues around industrial upgrading, and further increased research efforts In recent years more than 300 research and development of new products, new processes more than 60, more than 100 national patent applications, there are nine companies were rated as high-tech enterprises; brand awareness has strengthened over the years more than 500 pieces of registered trademarks, has hit the provincial trademark brand 18, where "security net" national trademark has been registered, "the British Kai-mode", "Anga" Two Chinese brand name has been publicized. Third, the growing size of the monomer. More than 10,000 companies in the prefecture stalls, the registration of the company's more than 1,000, more than 10 million yuan of sales revenue amounted to 130 mesh companies, corporate sales revenue reached 20 billion yuan, ranking the city's seven hundred , 12 a national manufacturing enterprises, especially major national project of the Three Gorges project, the Shenzhou series of spacecraft such as are used in Anping wire mesh. Leading companies have completed the first step of primitive accumulation, have around their strengths, plan a new project, is to do specifically, do fine, bigger aspects ahead.

Third, the market share continues to increase. First, the market prospects. Extensive use of screen, replacing the role of prominent features continue to extend the network can be said that the industry must, must have grain sieve. Especially with domestic agriculture, engineering, architectural decoration, wall insulation of development, to the county decorative mesh, expanded metal mesh, gabion, etc., brought a rare opportunity for development, a substantial increase output. Second, the market widely distributed. In addition to extensive occupation of the domestic market, Anping wire mesh have been exported to over 150 countries and regions, there are around 18,000 TEU, including the EU, the US, South Korea is a major market Anping wire mesh, accounting for over 60% of total exports. 2011 export $ 480 million, an increase of 27%, the acquisition value of 1.2 billion yuan in foreign trade. The third is a means of opening up markets and diverse. Anping at home and abroad set up more than 10,000 sales outlets, more than 1,000 trading companies, more than 40,000 business people outside, forming a covering domestic and foreign radiation screen business networks. Take full advantage of the country's first information technology demonstration counties, support enterprises to the Internet, currently the county has nearly ten thousand enterprises have established their own websites, online trade accounted for more than 60%. Guide enterprises to actively participate in the organization in Chicago, Cologne, Germany, Fair and other large exhibition at home and abroad, to make the world a better understanding of Anping, let Anping better to the world.