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Anping Wire Mesh originated in the Ming Hongzhi reign (AD 1488), so far, 500 years of history. Anping County has been named as "China wire mesh town", "China wire mesh industry base", "Chinese wire mesh production and sales base," the province's "economic characteristics demonstration counties," "light characteristic industry county", "wire net export base in the county, "" the first demonstration of industrial clusters. "Anping wire mesh is mainly characterized by the following seven characteristics:

First, the "large scale." Screen production has all villages throughout the county, employing 140,000 people, the county wire mesh industry and trade stalls 12000, 2011 county screen industry output value of 28.6 billion yuan. Enterprise value of 25 billion yuan, ranking the city's six hundred, 12 a national manufacturing enterprises, corporate tax 3 million or more, 58 more than one million businesses, 117 more than 50 million companies. American-owned construction company ATS International Jietong company, is the world's largest producers of stainless steel mesh. Mesh Co., Ltd. Hebei Hehuang annual polyester mesh 450,000 square meters, ranking second in the nation with the industry; Hebei Chak company's annual capacity of 120,000 tons Roberts, ranking first in the country.

The second is "varieties." The county has a variety of pulling silk net equipment 39300 (sets), the annual consumption of sheet metal over 80 million tons of wire rod over 420 tons, netting more than one billion square meters. Wire mesh products have been developed to drawing classes, knitting classes, welding class, pull the red category, non-woven type, product category, such as six series, more than 400 varieties, more than 6000 kinds of specifications, widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, paper, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, livestock farming and other industrial and agricultural production, living and aviation, aerospace, defense and other sophisticated fields.

Third, the "broad market." Anping wire mesh marketing network all over the world, at home and abroad with more than 10,000 sales outlets, more than 1,000 trading companies, business people out of 40,000 people, the products are sold to the United States, Japan, Australia, Italy, the Middle East 150 many countries and regions, production and sales of wire mesh weaving class, export volume accounted for 80% of the country. Through export, export agent, etc., annual exports about 1.8 million TEUs, of which the major markets in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions, accounting for over 60% of total exports. 2011, the county completed $ 510 million export, up 28.4%; export delivery value of $ 1 billion, the value of 6.26 billion yuan, accounting for 23.4 percent of the county sales screen.

Four are "high contribution." Screen industry of the county's GDP, revenue, contribution rate of per capita net income of farmers amounted to about 70%, and became the subject of the private economy, the county more than 85% of private enterprises are concerned with the screen. 2012, silk industry added value 3.34 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the total industrial added value; providing tax 235 million yuan, accounting for 76.6% of revenue; providing rural per capita net income of 5634 yuan, accounting for 75.3 per capita net income of farmers % Anping county economy has become the core and leading role in boosting the whole economy growing. Five are "complementary Qi." Has been built up to cover all aspects of production, sales and service of ten platforms. Procurement and distribution of raw materials around the screen and products in order to gather into an international logistics park as an opportunity to improve the logistics platform. Construction of industrial development around the carrier, to promote industrial cluster development, creating a total planned area of 20 square kilometers of the park platform. Around the hatch new materials, new technologies, new products, creating a mesh with 9 Institute of relying on research and development platform. Around to create a fair and orderly competitive environment, effectively stop illegal enterprises shoddy, vicious competition, investment 10 million yuan, the establishment of a provincial quality inspection center of screen based testing platform. Information about the national demonstration county county economy, and strive to promote the screen industry and the organic integration of information technology, and vigorously support the construction of e-commerce-based information platform. Around for the industry to provide personnel support to the introduction of talent, training center, creating a platform for industry professionals screen features. Around the crack problem of financing, bank and communicate constantly close contact, set up financing platform. Around support services for industrial development, to build a mesh machinery, auxiliary materials distribution and other industry service platform. The world's largest wire mesh around the building products distribution center, creating a mesh World professional market platform. Expanding opening up around, upgrade the industry visibility and influence, creating a mesh Expo International Exhibition platform.

Six is the "brand ring." Implementation of key brands to create projects, more than 500 companies applied for a trademark registration, at present, the county provincial famous trademarks, brand names, respectively, 17 and 9, "the British Kai-mode", "Anga "Two Chinese famous brand publicity has been successfully completed. SAIC successfully registered the "safety net" collective trademark licensing of the trademark is not registered their own businesses, products after the Screen Quality Inspection Center of qualified, allowing dubbed "security net" brand marketing, promoting screen industry the orderly development.

Seven is "broad prospects." Anping wire mesh as the "industry must have a network, there must sift grain", in addition to the traditional areas of agricultural production, at present, has been able to biomedicine, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries and energy saving areas, ecological construction expansion. Therefore, wire mesh products can cover all areas of the three industries, typical of the growing sunrise industry.

Anping wire mesh successfully created a three highlights that "the only three international":

First, the international industrial base screen only: Anping Wire Mesh Industrial Park is a provincial industrial zone, the provincial industrial park. The total planned area of 20 square kilometers, the starting area 10.2 square kilometers, has been assigned to 42 million over the project, with a total investment of 23 billion yuan, eight projects have been completed and put into operation, the provincial science and technology venture capital firm to invest $ 1 billion Hehuang Mesh relocation, Handan Iron and Steel company invested $ 5 billion steel logistics and materials processing and other projects about to admission. 

Second is the international professional market only screen: Anping Wire Mesh World is the NDRC approved, approved the construction of the professional market. An area of 600 acres, a total investment of over 200 million yuan, construction area of 160,000 square meters, has settled more than 1,000 businesses. 2012 market transactions exceeded 5.5 billion yuan, is one of the professional market and Hebei hundred ten markets. 

Third, the only international professional exhibition Screen:
 China · Anping International Wire Mesh Fair is the key support of the Ministry of Commerce show. Since 2001 has been successfully held 12 sessions, the total to be at home and abroad amounted to 130,000 people, including more than 2,000 foreign visitors, involving more than 40 countries and regions.