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Application of gabion revetment in the cage Wentang town flood control project in Yichun City

Wentang town flood control project is located in the territory of the hot water Wentang Town River in the upper reach, geomorphic type is low hilly valley topography, northeast, South River high, from south to North direction. According to the hot water River Township roughly and lining Riverdistribution, the Wentang town surrounded by mountains. Quasi regulation of river channel length of 5.035 km and engineering protection area of 10.2 km2, 7700 353hm2 population and farmlandprotection. Channel width of 15 ~30m, the current situation of cross-strait only about 1 km river withflood control facilities, and most of the problems of quality, no other river flood control facilities, the basic natural river; river silting serious flood is not smooth. The construction project: Rivergovernance, hot water new flood control facilities and present situation of flood control facilitiesreinforcement engineering. The project adopts gabion revetment of river bank slope protection cage.