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Application of SNS flexible protective net in the prevention and treatment of highway slope in Mount

The main products of SNS flexible side slope protection system can be divided into active defense system and the passive protection system two. System as a main component of wire rope and to cover (active protection and intercept (passive) door two basic types to control all kinds of oblique) flexible security protection system for slope geological disasters and avalanche, bank erosion, blasting slungshot, falling objects and other hazards technologies and products. Active protection system is based on the steel wire net mainly various kinds of flexible network coverage or wrapped in need of protection slope or on rocks, to limit the slope of rock and soil weathering or collapse, which mainly embodies the reinforcement effect; or in a certain range of rockfall motion control, this is the envelope function. Then a function essentially due to passive protection, but in the SNS system due to its structural form is similar with the active protection system strengthened, still be classified as active protection, and are respectively called standard active protection and passive protection and distinguish the main -. When the active - passive protection system covers the blasting excavation working face, they formed a flexible security protection system to prevent the harm of blasting slungshot. Passive protection system is the mainly to wire rope net fence type flexible rockfall restraining net is arranged on the corresponding position on the slope, intercept slope on the slope for rolling stone in order to avoid damage to other objects, therefore sometimes referred to as the rockfall restraining net. When set to the debris flow in the region, can form a flexible grille dam to intercept large solid particles in debris flow.