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Exhibition Overview

Anping is the China National Hardware Association named "China's rural screen" and "China's industrial base screen" screen production has 500 years of history, the existing types of screen more than 17,000 companies, employing 14 million people, product development to 8 series, more than 600 varieties, more than 6000 kinds of specifications, widely used in industrial and agricultural sectors and scientific fields, radiation over 600 cities across the country and exported to over 130 countries and regions, production and exports account for more than 80% of the national total. , Hebei Provincial People's Government, China Light Industry Association, China National Hardware Association hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, CCPIT Hebei Hengshui City People's Government, People's Government of China Anping · Anping International Wire Mesh Fair is the world's only wire network Products professional exhibition, since 2001 has been successfully held the ninth, and its strong industrial base, rich exhibition products, foreign businessmen gathered, is regarded as the world's most important industry mesh wire mesh and related products trading platform.
 Hall Show

Information Release

1, the financial and economic situation and international trade report. Anping wire mesh on the challenge of international trade based on the upgrading and restructuring of enterprises, export innovative new advantages, respond to the new exchange rate risk, put forward constructive opinions and suggestions for the Anping wire mesh trade deal with the world economic slowdown, weak external demand, prescribing Weapon.
2, wire mesh industry forum. China Textile Industry Association, China National Hardware Association, China Minmetals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Textiles Industry Association, Hebei Province, CCPIT and other industry associations experts Anping screen out low-end situation of wandering, walk the road of integration, as innovation-driven, green transformation, high-end development advice.
3, China Building Materials Federation fence branch annual meeting. The establishment of zinc steel fence, fence enamel two professional committee to discuss the fence industry convention. By Anping Fence Association "metal fence" industry standard introduced in the research conducted, and "windows, and stairs," "fence with galvanized steel profiles," "guardrail installation specification" and other industry standards, and "railings, mesh style fence "national standards project discussion.