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Anping Poly International Logistics Industrial Park

Anping Poly International Logistics Industrial Park, located at Anping Industrial Park East, from Anping Poly International Logistics Co., Ltd. construction, planning area of 2 square kilometers, with a total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, the planning of comprehensive service area, screen logistics area, bonded logistics areas, storage areas, steel logistics area, scrap recycling and processing area, screen machinery logistics area, colored or non-ferrous metals and logistics area, the driver of the home features a total of ten partitions. 2011 was named one of 16 logistics Hebei provincial enclave. Park completed in two phases, one of which covers an area of 1,000 acres, the main building of the following partitions:

Screen logistics area: the logistics area, covering 255 acres, in 2011, started construction in July 2012 and put into use. Built a professional logistics support housing 500 sets, 202 logistics enterprises settled, has for the country's more than 800 transportation routes, the country's second-tier cities and major third-tier cities have been covered. Since the operation, sunrise volume reached more than 8000 tons, reaching a peak of more than 10,000 tons a day out of the park cargo vehicle to reach more than 500 vehicles, 80% of the county mesh products shipped by this country.

Storage areas: raw materials into finished goods warehousing and storage area, covering 255 acres. Treasury has a standard 86000㎡. Anping wire mesh industry has a "two out" of the operating characteristics of steel imported from abroad each year to reach 500 million tons. Mostly small and medium enterprises in the county park to strengthen cooperation with banks and other financial institutions, the storage area as part of its standard regulatory library, warehouse receipts pledged to carry out the main forms of financing, SME financing to solve the liquidity of corporate ills. While reducing the risk of banks and other financial institutions to lend to achieve win-win situation thriving enterprise.

Bonded: With the rapid development of Anping wire mesh industry, have the right to export enterprises have grown to more than 400, exports accounted for the proportion of the amount of Hengshui exports are increasing. With the favorable opportunity to do this construction Hengshui Customs Bonded planned, after the completion of export formalities will allow businesses to be more convenient, reduce export costs, improve my Anping external image.

Integrated Service Area: This area is focused on the construction of China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Information Center, Building 16 floors high, construction area of 32,000 square meters, will be after the completion of service business center, through electronic information platform, a comprehensive plan Anping industrial chain business flow, information flow, logistics, capital flow and personnel flow, building a modern integrated logistics service system with international competitiveness.